Model Smart
GIDE is the most powerful and business friendly financial modelling tool on the market today
Versatility and do it yourself quality of spreadsheets
Robust and error free calculation engine
Real time workgroup collaboration
Respond To Regulators' Worries
GIDE addresses SOX/BASEL/FSA compliance worries related to
errors in spreadsheet calculations resulting in massive losses in corporations,
while supporting any corporate process that requires intelligent and informed decision-making.

For The Company’s Future.
Benefit From Holistic Modelling in the Office of Finance
GIDE gives you a quick to install, user-friendly, and fully-integrated system,
leaving spreadsheets and other business intelligence systems in the shade.

So you can improve, optimize and communicate your business performance.
Trusted by Forward Thinkers
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Online Demonstration
In 60 minutes we will demonstrate live how using GIDE can elevate your corporate financial modelling and planning to whole new level.